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    About Us

    The Adoption Knowledge Center is a comprehensive source for industry trends, news, expert commentary, recommendations and practical guidance about the adoption and foster care process.  We help individuals navigate through every area of the adoption and fostering experience including how to locate an agency, how to adopt, how to be a foster parent, how to parent a child and more. Our goals are to:

    • Connect communities with information to help needy children: 132 million children worldwide need support, but communities don’t have specific information about the need
    •  Connect foster youth with mentors and resources: 240,000 youth will age out of foster care and don’t know where to find resources to lead successful lives
    •  Connect prospective families to informaton to select an adoption agency: Over 300 adoption agencies serve families in the U.S., but families lack information to help them select the best adoption agency for their family needs
    •  Connect people to a central point for access to supportive services: The Internet contains an abundance of information, but much of this information is located on multiple websites

    The Adoption Knowledge Center includes a wide range of resources that capture the experiences and learnings of adovocates, educators, foster youth, adoptive families, social workers, medical professionals and educators in an effort to help the world help children in need. We hope you will find this evolving collection of news items, trends and other documents useful, and that the material assembled here is helpful. These ideas represent many points of view to promote a deeper understanding of abandoned and at risk youth from adoption to parenting to supporting youth needs.




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